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Where you look affects how you feel

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I am excited to add Brainspotting to my Trauma to Freedom healing programme and to also as a standalone therapy.

Brainspotting is an advanced form of therapy technique that uses eye position to help locate and process emotional trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD held in the brain and body. It is based on the theory that where a person looks, or their eye position, is connected to deep-seated emotional experiences that are often unreachable through traditional talking therapy.  Unlike many other techniques, it directly addresses the source of psychological stress and trauma. 


From speaking with other coaches and therapists, and from my own personal experience, Brainspotting is not only a more gentle and natural therapy than other brain-based and traditional therapies, such as EDMR, but Brainspotting clients experience a much deeper and profound release from their emotional pain.

If you are feeling stuck with anxiety, or repeating negative patterns, Brainspotting can help you achieve positive and lasting change.

Brainspotting can help anyone suffering from:



Flashbacks - traumatic memories that interrupt your life

Narcissistic Abuse -being stuck in grief and loss

Stress, Panic, and Anxiety

Negative self-beliefs and criticisms

Unexplained chronic pain


Fear of Flying

Performance Anxiety and Overcoming Blocks

Anger Management

Any psychological issue that is interfering with your life

If you would like more information on Brainspotting please click on the FAQs button below or why not book a FREE discovery call?


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Light, hope and healing

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